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hpottericons's Journal

Harry Potter Icons, For Everybody
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Accio 2005

Welcome to HPotterIcons!

A Harry Potter Icon Community, that wants your Icons and believes in Community.

This community was designed for those of us who like to make Harry Potter Icons, share Harry Potter Icons and just like to collect Harry Potter Icons. This is where we can share our Icons with each other, comment (nicely) and help people build better icons. We love icons, we want your icons, we need your icons.

It is okay to post the following Harry Potter related Graphics, as long as they are accompanied by 3 HARRY POTTER ICONS:
- Bases! Backdrops for icons.
- Header,Banner graphics for User Info layouts.
- Photo spam of Harry Potter actors & actresses, author, and such.
- Wanna share a wallpaper, go for it, just lj-cut it
- Advertising Harry Potter communities is okay, one time post only though.
- Fanart of a clean nature. Any fan art above a PG rating is not for thisLj Community
- Show us your Golden Oldies! The last post made me think about it. It is okay to repost icons you have posted elsewhere or in here before, as long as they are over a month old since you last posted them. If you have posted them before, you may post them again. It's okay. Chances are they've been missed or/and not everyone has seen them before so if you have them; flaunt them. If you are proud of you collection show us what you've got. If you have a motherload you wish to share, feel free to dump them here. Just remember post three teasers and then LJ cut the rest.
- more to come... ask me first if it's okay and not listed at all here.

We encourage Xposting, so go for it!

ATTENTION Advertisers & Posters !!!
Due to the recent spaming, the advertising/lj promotion policy is this: You may only advertise ** a site ONCE. To post you MUST have at least 3 Harry Potter Icons to contribute in the post, in accordance to the rules below.Your site must be Harry Potter or icon related. Any sites I deam not worthy or inappropriate, will have their posts deleted. I have the right to refuse to allow your advertisement if it violates or offends other posters. If I have to delete more than one post by you, I will be forced to ban you. Don't make me have to be a bitch. You have been warned!

If you are not familiar with our advertising policy, please make yourself familiar with it by reviewing the statement in red found above,
Here. Affiliated communities have advertising rights that extend only to the activities in their approved community. Advertising without approval, affiliation, or a contribution of icons is prohibited. Please note, any further spamming without any three of these fore mentioned things will be deleted and marked as spam, and may lead to your banishment from posting in this community. Sorry for the harshness of this messege but, no more blatant spamming will be tolorated.



Join the potterpets

Mod Posts, May Contain No Icons.
missmarypotter is your Mod.
Assistant Mod:joannad.
**Mods of
, smallwartsicons
& potty_challenge
may post advertisements about their contests without icons.

Unlike other Icon communities out there, we have very few complicated rules. We believe that community is about the people who are involved in it and not about the moderator's facist view of the world. These are the rules:

1. If you post icons in this community they must be Harry Potter related.
2. If you post icons in this community you are sharing them. Do not post if you don't want to share them.
3. If you take the icons and use them, YOU MUST CREDIT the artist in keywords. Commenting is optional, although artists enjoy feedback. Negative feedback will not be tolorated; constructive critiques are allowed, being mean and rude is not (there is a difference, remember that). Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
4. To post, you must post 3 icons (teasers) with any post, and then lj cut the rest. If you have more than 3 please lj cut them. Fairly basic and simple. Individual Icon posting causes lj-scroll syndrome, and people don't like having to do that. But Requests may be made without the an icon.
5. If you are mean and evil, you will be banned. If you are catty or an a-whole, you will be banned.
6. Be creative. Be encoraging. Be true. Be kind. DON'T BE A BITCH. DON'T BE A JERK. DON'T BE A DISRESPECTING EGO-MANIAC. Prissiness, arrogance and self-rightiousness will not be tolorated (see rule 8).
7. Icons can only be a maximum size of 100x100 pixels and under 40kb to post; cause otherwise nobody on LiveJournal can use them (Duhhhh!).
8. OMG! Nobody is perfect. What a news flash! Here's the policy. No flamers! How can I stress this? If you think you are perfect, all that, and you suffer from ego trips; you will be asked to leave. If you behave like this I will give you a GOY warning: Get Over Yourself. If you recieve more than one GOY Warning, you will be banned. Do not attack members. Do not attack the Moderator. If you do you will be banned. I loath people who think they are better then other people and try to make others feel less because of it. Remember this is just a lj-community, no need to get huffy about anything, being here is optional.You have been warned.
9. By joining, posting, or even watching this community, you agree to ALL these rules. If you do not follow them you will be banned.
10. Mod missmarypotter & Assistant Mod:joannad, may post adverts without icons, example would be if we need to post something about the affiliates, tips, rule reminders and other stuff that we would like you all to know. Requests may be made without icons. All other posts MUST HAVE ICONS, (or graphics) TO POST!! Assistant Mod:joannad has permission to delete posts that break the rules. She will act as an assitant Moderator when I can not moderate, and will inform me of commnity problems, that may occur. Respect her as you would anybody else, but also respect her as a Mod. Any attacks on this Mod or myself will result in banishment.
**10 a.Mods of hpotterfanart, accio_uk, avada_challenge, hpslashicontest, expectocons, smallwartsicons & potty_challenge may post advertisements about their contests without icons.
11. All Posts must be no longer then 4 inches in height... so what does this mean? If you have alot to say in addtion to your icons you are posting you must LJ-CUT it. Long posts will be subject to deletion, pending a Mod Request which you have 24 hours to answer or comply with.
12. All posts (excluding Mod posts) must have the comment link in this LJ community. So don't disable your comment settings. If people are unable to comment about your icons in this community and they have to go elsewhere to comment, your post will be subject to deletion, pending a Mod Request which you have 24 hours to answer or comply with.
13. All rules are subject to change at the Moderator's discretion. Deal with it.

I, your lj maintainer, missmarypotter, have a stong belief that we are only as good as our resources. So the following are links to other communities and sites that will help you create better icons, & communities.

HPotterIcons Affiliates:
if you want to affiliate plase just ask missmarypotter

Icon communities of interest: potty_challenge, avada_challenge hpslashicontest, icons, 1cons, alohomora_icons, hpiconrequests, _hp_icontest, hpiconask, hpicons, harryp_icons, hp_novel_icons, icons_by_jenny, potterpals_icon, hp_icons, expectocons, wizard_icons, gone_potty, potterish_icons, potternouveau, hp_graphics, h_p_graphics, harryp_icons, alohomora_icons, hhrart, hp_book_icons, evrythng_icons, whimsical_icons

Dailies, Picture Spams, & Bases: hpguys_daily, hp_bases, obsessiveicons, harry_potter, thewlis_daily,tomfelton_daily, rupert_pictures, emmaw_daily,oldman_daily, hp_jailbait

Also See Mod's other communities: smallville_cons, hp_dc_meetup, churchohogwarts, potternouveau, lilredgeo

Link Us: If you love us you can link us, or you may just use these icons (please credit: hpottericons). Hotlink-ing is okay for these, but other peoples icons you will have to ask them directly (most likely the answer will be "No").

Base images for headers where kindly bumbed from elena_spooky & certifieddork.

If you see someone who is breaking the rules please inform missmarypotter.
Assistant Mod:joannad

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Seeker!
This is where Smallville and Hogwarts Collide into a totally silly but super-sirius Icontest!
Talk about the Writing On the Wall of Weird! If you love Harry Potter and you love Smallville, and you enjoy making icons for either than this might just be the challenge for you!

Challenges my include: Cross Fandom Shipping, Quotes from one with pictures from the others, and just all out silliness! Come join the fun and the histerical challange! Read the Rules found in the UI and then join the fun.