Mary E. Gober (missmarypotter) wrote in hpottericons,
Mary E. Gober

MOD POST: Regular Posting Resumes

Okay the Anti-Spoiler Jinx has been lifted.
BUT, THIS DOES NOT MEAN... that your icons can be spoilish without warning.

Any Icons containing spoilish information, graphics or elements about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; which means anything that ruins the reading experience for anybody should be reported to me immediately.

I will determine if it is spoilish, now that I know how the book goes.
If they do I will delete the offending post, and if it happens again, you shall be banned.

You have been warned. Now, back to your regularly unmoderated postings.
Be good to each other. Remember, not everyone can read as fast as you.

-Head Mistress of hpottericons
Mary E. Gober

P.S. Please report all offenders here. I will be tracking the responses to this post only.
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